Ann Gerondelis, Drexel University
Raja Schaar, Drexel University

Project created for the Digital Naturalism Conference, 2019 |
Gamboa, Panama

Walking around Gamboa it’s hard not to be mesmerized by the superhighways of ants recognizable by large distinct paths of wobbly leaves.

Our team dove into observational research, expert knowledge, internet findings, and one amazing book found at the field research station to find out more about these mesmerizing creatures.




Getting swole like an ant?

A fitness app for digital naturalists and folks who think Leaf Cutter Ants are superfit superorganisms.

This short workout invites you to be the ant, strengthen your body, and learn about ants' intimate relationship with mother earth.


Over a four-day period we designed, tested, and prototyped our app with fellow conference attendees (surrounded by the rainforest no less). Content was key in delivering an experience that mimics the fascinating farming of fungus and other leafcutter ant behaviors.


Atta is the scientific name for leafcutter ants

Atta is the scientific name for leafcutter ants


We hope this gives you a glimpse into the above and below ground world of the leafcutter ant.
Thanks to all the Dinacon attendees, Henrietta Mango the sloth, and Smithsonian scientists who inspired us during our time at Gamboa!