Better hitting starts with the hands:

  • Provides real-time feedback on grip pressure and speed
  • Sensors are encased, lightweight and flexible
  • Aimed at younger markets for training purposes

Real – time feedback

No need for apps, video analysis, but uses sound to give real-time feedback to the athlete.




    SD card shield

    FSR pressure sensor




    • Soldered sensors to microcontroller using enameled copper wire
    • Fastened components on inside of glove by sewing pouches
    • Fixed relative positioning t obtain consistent readings from glove
    • Sewed pouch on outside of glove to carry larger more obtrusive components




    • Pressure Testing
    • Feedback to the user and the subconscious ability for the user to improve his batting form- Mental Demand
    • Did the glove help improve performance of the batter? – Performance
    • Did the glove have a low enough profile that it’s physical footprint went unnoticed? – Frustration
    Painted gloves show pressure points when swinging the bat

    Painted gloves show pressure points when swinging the bat


    Future Work

    • Lower profile sensors for minimal obtrusiveness, eg Arduino LilyPad
    • Do more extensive user testing to determine factors affecting comfort
    • Provide different forms of feedback, eg Haptic feedback
    • Introduce sensors to give feedback on finger positioning


    Ismail Breiwish, Andrew Farrow, Harrison Galloway, Becky Scheel

    Responsibilities include design, testing, and fabrication.