Oil/Mix - Design for Craft

Designing an application for craft with ethnographic research.



  • Use constraints of hue but suggest mixing inherit to oil paints (terms, names, layering, mix ins, blends)
  • Careful use of background colors and design elements to enable the mixed color to be prominent along the interaction
  • Provide inventory and notes on quality of owned paints, singular to the oil paint purchaser
  • Setup of oil paints can be messy and lengthy. Interaction with the app is intended for shopping, setup, and post-session notes

Interactive Storytelling with Twine

Moe's Otterly Awesome Night of Adventure at the Zoo: An interactive adventure

Sorta not really based on a true story
Story and illustration by Becky Scheel

Moe is the oldest living otter. He lives at a zoo with his life long partner Neva Lee, and his daughter Tinsley. Since he's an older otter, he's a bit slower in the water and his vision for spying clams isn't what it's used to be...

Where will Moe go? Play on >