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Oil/Mix - Design for Craft

Designing an application for craft with ethnographic research. Research used ethnographic research including interviews with artists and art stores sales associates.


Observation and interviews at art stores provide insight from customers and associates as to the specific needs and considerations of customers. Oil paints are displayed and segmented by brand and further divided by categories of pigments that are grouped by costs. Price can rise significantly based on the pigment being used. The shopping process can be confusing, but some customers can easily navigate the aisle.

Two distinct personas emerged that of hobbyists and artists. Hobbyists are more likely to ask for assistance and shop comparatively by cost while artists are more likely to have a set list of items needed and purchase due to brand loyalty.

Artists Hobbyist
More likely to be brand loyal X
More likely to purchase based on cost X
More likely to mix colors X X
More likely to ask for store help X

Competitive Analysis

Existing applications vary from paint color picking for home improvement to iPad applications for digital artists.

Guidelines and Goals

  • Use constraints of hue but suggest mixing inherit to oil paints (terms, names, layering, mix ins, blends)
  • Careful use of background colors and design elements to enable the mixed color to be prominent along the interaction
  • Provide inventory and notes on quality of owned paints, singular to the oil paint purchaser
  • Setup of oil paints can be messy and lengthy. Interaction with the app is intended for shopping, setup, and post-session notes



Kjersti, Casual Artist

Kjersti practices oil painting as a hobby. She purchases paints for projects before and during. "Often times I accidentally purchase the same paint colors."




Carla, Artist Apprentice

Carla works for a professional artists and often is the one who manages the inventory and does the shopping. "A list helps my efficiency at shopping."

Design Prototype

Apple Watch Application

Apple Watch Application